Wills, Executries
& Power of Attorney

It is important for us to realise that our mortality means that our affairs have to be put in order at an appropriate stage in our life.   In preparing a Will we can leave detailed instructions as to how we wish our estate to be administered following our passing.

Whether it is resolution of financial difficulties or even down to ensuring that loved ones receive personal items special items to us, a Will is the only way that we can ensure that our wishes are carried out.

At Nelsons we provide a sensitive service to those who wish to take advice about such issues.   We have a fireproof Wills safe to enable documents to be stored carefully. In the first instance you should speak to Mrs. Wilkie and thereafter Mr. Walker or Mr. Addison.

It is currently good professional practice for solicitors to advise clients who are organising their affairs to discuss Powers of Attorney.

Prior to death, unfortunately, our health often deteriorates to the extent that we are not fit either physically or mentally to carry out our day to day administrative affairs.   By appointing someone: a trusted friend, a relative or indeed a solicitor or accountant, we can be assured that a person who has our interests at heart can organise our affairs if we are not fit to do so.

The preparation of a Power of Attorney is a good way to do this and it is common for people to appoint more than one attorney, usually two, to look after their administrative affairs and indeed their welfare during the period of their life when they are unable to conduct their own affairs.   Again this is a service that we provide at Nelsons and home visits can be organised, usually by Mr. Addison or Mrs. Wilkie to enable those who are physically unable to attend the office to have these issues addressed.

This service can be provided out of hours and you should contact Mrs. Wilkie in the first instance.

Mr. Addison, Mr. Bryson and Mr. Fallon are Notaries Public and when blindness or other incapacity is an issue we can notarially execute deeds for you or your family.

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