Road Traffic Law

Most people drive.   As a result most people or at least someone in your family will have the odd scrape with the law, minor or more serious accidents.

All of our solicitors have extensive experience of road traffic law but in different ways.

Douglas Walker has been handling road traffic accident claims for pursuers and defenders throughout his career.   Should you be involved in an accident and require either to defend an action raised against you or to recover damages as a result of losses you have sustained you should contact him without delay.   Often, insurance companies will enable you to instruct your own solicitor.

If you are unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of the road traffic law or at least have been accused of that, then the importance of instructing a solicitor at an early stage cannot be underestimated.

You can receive the expert help and advice you require from Gordon Addison and Andy Bryson.   They have extensive experience of defending people accused of road traffic offences and indeed representing them in special reasons hearings and exceptional hardship proofs in an attempt to keep someone’s licence after points have been endorsed.   Our success rate is of the highest and you can rely on us to give you high quality advice and the best possible opportunity of retaining your licence.

We are acutely aware of the importance to people of their driving licences not only for the convenience of themselves and their family but quite often in relation to retaining their employment and we have a lengthy record of success in ensuring clients manage to retain both.

Providing expert advice, at very competitive fee rates means that we are very busy in this field.  Please make an appointment or contact us on our out of hours telephone number 07887 542005 if an urgent situation develops.