Family Law

Nelsons are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of matrimonial problems and sensitivity, discretion and expertise are highly regarded.  Andy Bryson is assisted by Mrs. Jeanie Wilkie, Paralegal, in this department.   We will be happy to consult with you about all family problems including contact and children, guardianship, adoption all the way through to divorce and the difficult financial permutations.


Mr. Bryson  has many of the skills required to try and resolve difficult family issues without the need for litigation, where possible.  However, should litigation begin Andy Bryson is just the sort of solicitor you would want in your corner as his thorough knowledge and experience of the law and of our legal system means this would be a distinct advantage.


As is often the case it is best to consult with us at an early stage when problems arise to enable us to provide you with the best possible advice.